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Alyssa Maucere is a Philadelphia artist greatly inspired by the “extreme” side of music subculture.  She converts conversations between friends, contemporaries, and complete strangers into a visual dialog dealing with altered-states, parallel universes, government conspiracies, social taboos, scenes for movies that don’t/can’t exist, how we’re all stardust, pornographic situations, and misunderstandings of one another .  Pen and ink drawings enter the world of printmaking usually when the intent is to exploit a certain message/scenario, whether sincere or a complete joke.  Color, pattern, layering, and the formal aspects of printmaking influence the approach to these pieces.  Incorporating images from various cultures and applying them to one design is intended to address the awkwardness between people outside, and even within, our own culture.

She received her BFA for Printmaking in 2010 from Tyler School of Art/Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. She is a screen printer, designer, illustrator, painter, sound experimenter, and musician.